In today’s busy world, we often forget how important it is to connect with our community. But on July 28th, we had an amazing “Picnic in the Park” that reminded us of the magic of togetherness. This picnic was extra special because members from the US got to meet our members based here in Toronto.

We gathered under the open sky, surrounded by nature’s beauty, and had a blast! Friends came together to enjoy a day filled with laughter, music, games, and yummy food. People mingled with each other, creating a welcoming atmosphere where everyone felt like old friends. It was awesome to see how strangers became friends so easily.

The day started with some soulful singing of old Bollywood favorites by Subhash Gandhi. Our US members and new participants also shared their experiences with Sachays, telling us about the benefits they’ve gained from being a part of it. While enjoying our delicious lunch and fruits, volunteers sold Bingo tickets, adding to the excitement. And guess what? The day ended with a free raffle for all the attendees!

Sachays picnic was a place for sharing stories, and memories. Some old acquaintances reunited, and those who are lonely, found a sense of belonging. This picnic was a true display of unity, reminding us how important it is to form strong connections within our community.

The shared laughter, meals, and warm interactions showed us the power of staying connected. As we look forward to the next Picnic in the Park, we carry the memories of a joyful day.