About Us

Namaste! Welcome to SACHAYS -South Asian Cultural, Health Association for Youth and Seniors.

Our Mission

To serve GTA’s multicultural and diverse communities, by delivering programs that promote the mental and physical well-being of our Seniors, Youth, and Families. SACHAYS’ purpose is to make the invisible feel visible, bringing hope, dignity, and value in a practical and tangible way. SACHAYS strives to deliver programs that are inclusive, sustainable, and accessible for everyone. To provide support for those in crisis, at risk for suicide and those experiencing emotional distress through 24/7 multi-lingual inbound, outbound, and in-person programs.

SACHAYS believes Music, Dance, Drama, and all forms of arts & crafts play a key role in connecting people with people and to their roots. We provide multiple platforms for youth and seniors to hone and display their talents.

Our Objectives

Our Community

Our mission started in 2018 when Mahesh Nileshwar, Executive Director, and founder of SACHAYS realized that seniors in our community were vulnerable to loneliness and isolation. They needed programs to socialize with people from similar language and cultural backgrounds and build meaningful relationships. He started SACHAYS as an informal group that would meet for yoga and social activities. COVID-19 has lots to do with our growth. As everyone especially the seniors started to feel isolated, there was an urgent need to keep them engaged and active. Physical activities were moved online. We added more programs and activities that everyone could attend virtually online. Today we provide support to seniors, women, youth and families through our health and wellness programs, music, dance, arts and crafts, info-sessions, mentoring, peer-support, and counselling. We create opportunities for cultural connections and provide help for newcomers and international students to assimilate into Canadian life.

SACHAYS dips into multitude of cultures of Toronto, heritage, arts, and crafts and draws its strength by embracing best practices from them. We leverage all forms of social interaction, arts and crafts to inspire and motivate its members.

“Empowering People to Live a Purposeful Life
With Happiness and Fulfillment.”

Our Name

SACHAYS means TRUTH. We believe in being true to our words and actions. We are sincere about the commitments we make and the assurances we give. Our objective is to promote an inclusive community while taking inspiration from Canada’s ethno-cultural heritage.

Our Vision

1. To create a better for tomorrow for everyone by delivering programs that promote community values, diversity, and individual well -being.

2. To honor the values and nurture the skills of the young and to support the leadership, strengths and wisdom of adults and elders.

Leadership & Governance

Meet the board and executive team that help guide growth and progress at SACHAYS

Mahesh Nileshwar

Executive Director

Mahesh Nileshwar’s commitment to volunteering and community service is exceptional. Over the years, Mahesh has volunteered with multiple organizations and initiatives and has been responsible for successful outcomes for seniors and youth alike. He is a very compassionate individual who focuses on connecting with others in a way to understand their desires, dreams, obstacles, challenges and provides support and guidance wherever he can. He has been recognized for his work and the latest in his crown is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee award and a medal for Humanitarian Services during COVID!

SACHAYS is his brainchild. It is an outcome of his realization that seniors and youth need a culturally inclusive space to socialize and enjoy music, dance and crafts. In the case of youth, develop skills and benefit from the wisdom of the seniors through inter-generational programs.

A committed community worker, Mahesh works with several other like-minded organizations. He is the vice chair of Senior Advisory Council for Scarborough Agincourt and a member of the 42 division CPLC (Community Policing Liaison Committee).

He has built a network that enables him to provide support both tangible and intangible for anyone in need. During COVID, he checked on isolated seniors, distributed sanitizers, masks, and other essentials, driving almost 100 kms a day. He provided information in multiple South Asian languages to educate the community about the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID.

SACHAYS is a partner in Stronger Together Coalition (against Anti-Asian Racism) and Immunization Partnership Fund with Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto and other community organizations in and around Toronto.He started Gulshan – Green Thumb Initiative for seniors in collaboration with CICS. Through this SACHAYS supports the food bank run by CICS.